Suzy (gingersuzal) wrote in makeafriend_uk,

Good day all

My flist seems to be getting quiet so I'm looking for a few new people to follow. I've been using the site regularly for ages and love reading about other people's lives.

My name's Suzy, I'm a 21 year old graduate, blogger, geek and aspiring journo. When not playing with words, I'm occasionally bar wench (as well as a massive pub geek), pogonophile and lover of books and all things sci-fi and tech. My livejournal is a mixture of my talking about my life, my friends and various adventures and sexcapades.

So... er... yeah :) Comment and add me. :)
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July 18 2012, 18:23:13 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  July 18 2012, 18:23:28 UTC


Just from your little intro, I think we'll get along lovely!

I've added you, hope thats ok :)
Huzzah. Added back.