michelle (xkissyx) wrote in makeafriend_uk,

Oh god..

Right I guess now is the time to pimp myself out!

I will be completely honest, I had stopped updating my journal until today and thought it was time to bring this baby back! Despite not posting I have been successfully stalking my friends and commenting where appropriate so I have never fully left!

Now what brings me to here, well, Id quite like to have a small audience to write to (Im not after a million friends, just a few active people to stalk and for them to stalk me back)

A little about me:
Im 28, Live in Cheltenham, Married, Owns a cat (ideally would be two), No kids, Has awful taste in music, Is back on the diet wagon and a facebook addict. Thats the basics. Anything else you need to know, leave a comment and Ill get back to you!
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shall we see how we get on?
sure :)