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Umm, hello. I'm not sure whether this is a done thing or not, but I am looking for penpals from the UK, because it's cheaper to send letters around and also it's mega-muchly quicker. So yeah. Drop me a line if interested, I'd really appreciate it!

A kind of introduction-y thing for yis.

My name is Damaris, and I am living in Oxford. I am half-English and half-Faroese, but grew up in Istanbul, Turkey (it's a long story). I am currently studying for A Levels, of which I am taking 5, and hoping to go to an awesome university with a good Philosophy department. I was going to apply to Oxford, but seriously messed up the exam I had yesterday and now can't. I'm an idiot sometimes.

I'm a five-year old stuck in a nineteen-year old's body. At least that's what I've been told, it seems pretty impractical to me. Music plays an absofruitly huge part in my life, I'm a crap singer-songwriter, but get a tidy bunch of cash when I busk, which is nice. I play guitar mainly, but also some piano, violin, drums... Oh, and I also play the ukulele (rock on, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!!).

A penpal to me is someone who I can read and write to easily, someone who seems to care about what I say, and definitely does about what they say. I'm incredibly opinionated and blunt, to the point where I seem to just say stupid things. But I don't mean to be mean. Anyway, anyone over 17 would be cool, male - female, or both, or neither is cool... Straight, gay, bisexual... I myself lean towards the bisexual side, so be warned.

Umm... What else? You don't have to have the same interests or beliefs or anything as me, in fact that could be prefered, it makes it more interesting to talk about issues then. I must say, this sounds a little weird and almost snobby, it would be much prefered by me, if grammar and spelling were correct-ish. It's really weird how a lot of kids in education still can't spell, not a good sign for the education system... Anyway, I shan't go there. Har har.

One last thing is that I try REALLY hard to reply quickly, and get a little down when others don't, so please if you're interested bear that in mind. I'm an incredibly delicate person, not. Well, whatever.

I really am looking forward to hearing from anyone, so actually, you can forget about pretty much everything I said up there. Did I say that I ramble a lot?

Right. If you are interested, send me an email at abdaelasaheliadah@gmail.com and we shall exchange addresses and whatnot. I don't mind writing first at all.

Ok, I go now. Cheers!            D.
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