An arcane devotee (little_cthulu) wrote in makeafriend_uk,
An arcane devotee


I'm Kerry, 25, female, and living in Cumbria.I have posted here before but in about two weeks I'm about to move to Kettering. (I know, I know but it'l be clear when you read my blog.) I'm pretty terrified. That said, I'm looking for new friends in or around the area. But if you think you might dig me I don't mind where you're from!

A little about me. 
I'm a friendly fatty, not a natural red head, I'm slightly pierced and tattooed, my music taste is more or less metal, with a little rockabilly, psychobilly, thrash, hardcore (though still new to that!), blues, stoner..oh man the list goes on! But you get the jist. I currently work as a residential care worker with autistic teenage boys but when I move I will be working in a residential home for the elderly with a dementia unit. I generally blog about my life but sometimes I talk about things that interest me. 

I guess other than adding me and reading my drivel that's about it!
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