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RTA's... have you heard of them??

I am looking for more interesting email frenzy people to join a "reply to all" email group called Coffee Shop!
Basically, Instead of sending an email to one person, you send to the entire group.

I'm being realistic, Not everyone can reply to emails all through the day as we have work / school and various other things to attend. An email or "diary entry" a day to everyone would be nice.
But i'd like it if everyone who joins up, could stay active enough to send at least a couple emails within every 2 days.
I'm looking for people who will keep emailing. People who like to talk!

Some things that can be posted in emails;

Diary Entries / Day-To-Day Events
Your Poetry / Art / Photography / Short Stories / Music
Asking Advice
Or You Just Want Some Company!

This could be a really fun and interesting little "community"
And a chance to make a nice bunch of friends.

If you're interested or have any questions;
Send me an email: prinzessbtrfly@livejournal.com
Or leave me your email, and i'll contact you.

here is a more in depth explanation:

  • RTA stands for "Reply To All" which means you'll be replying to a whole group rather than 1-to-1
  • we communicate via email, and a lot of people make very close friendships that last years, and some even meet up offline over time.
  • the group has around 13 people in it, it may go up or down depending on people leaving or joining
  • you can expect and receive a lot of email in your inbox, it varies depending on how active it is. sometimes it can be up to 100 a week, or more. you are not required to reply to all of it, because that's just silly. by all means, you can! but i don't think it's possible, because of what applies to you & you have a comment for, and the time you have, etc.
  • imagine pen palling or a forum but over email, that's like an RTA :)
  • you will be "filtering" your email box, e.g you must have time to go through it and delete the emails you don't want to reply to and reply to the ones you like
  • please have the time for this, as well as the time to send email. it isn't difficult, all of us have lives and we still manage it as a hobbie.
  • it takes the whole group to make an RTA active so please try and make the effort to talk to people. if you are a good people-person, like to make conversations and are generally outgoing (although if you're the opposite, most people are outgoing online away) this may help.
  • you must be willing to send your own emails, updates, diary entries, posts of what interests you
  • you will be meeting people from all over the world
  • there is an age range of 16-30.
  • we are willing to open up and be personal, like any sort of friends would. we expect the same from you :)
  • there will be fun things to do that i send out, questions, discussions, picture spams, inspirations and all sorts of other things but remember to send your own! :) we also have weekly activities.
  • no drama, arguments, etc. if you have a problem with someone, reply and sort it out, don't bring it into the whole RTA
  • most of all, we look forward to meeting you & hope you enjoy the rta if you join!

(dialogue swipped from naomi)
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