DC (radiantsoul) wrote in makeafriend_uk,

My friends page has become very quiet of late. It seems a bit like an old man's pub at quarter past eleven with just a few isolated individuals sat at tables on their own starring listlessly into the dregs of their pint glass. And so I am looking for some people to fill it with the gently buzz of conversation. Lets get the party started.


I have been on livejournal for over 10 years, I am sure my journal has gone through different phases in that time. Livejournal has been good to me, I have met friends and a wife on here. My journal is about me, my family and views.

I am looking for people who update and perhaps who comment although I don't expect people to comment on every post and I am not likely to do so myself. I am not into fan fiction/RPGer so if that is what your journal is about I am not sure it will work out.

Some of you may have been on my friends page before, if so feel free to re-add me. And if it doesn't work out or my enteries bore you please feel free to unfriend me, there will be no hard feelings.
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